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St. Peter & St. Paul prides itself on offering meaningful worship experiences. We offer several Communion services each week, at 10 am on Sunday mornings and at 5:30pm on Wednesday evenings.  In addition, we also host workshops, guided labyrinth walks, and other creative expressions on a regular basis. Check our calendar to see when you can join us!

Communion Services

The Eucharist is the principle form of worship in the Episcopal Church. We celebrate and participate in the Lord's Supper every Sunday.

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Labyrinth Walks

Saint Augustine coined the phrase solvitur ambulando; it is solved by walking. The Labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool that helps practicioners to engage the body in spiritual disciplines that, in turn, help to free the mind, heart, and soul.


​Our Labyrinth is open to the public during daylight hours. 

Creative Expressions

At St. Peter & St. Paul, we believe that there are myriad ways in which to experience God's presence. We also believe there are many ways to respond to God's presence. Through various classes and workshops, we seek to teach and learn new ways to live as Christians in today's world. 

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